Stop telemarketers with the TeleZapper
Anti Gravity World GlobeAnti Gravity World Globe

Stop Telemarketers using the TeleZapper

Stop telemarketers using the TeleZapper.

Stop telemarketers from calling and interrupting your family meals. Your work.Your quiet time. Introducing the new and improved TeleZapper TM, a patented device that reduces the number of telemarketing calls that disrupt your day.

How It Works:
Ninety percent of all telemarketing calls are dialed by a computer at random. When you answer your phone, the computer connects you to a live telemarketer. Now you can stop telemarketers and eliminate disruptive computer-dialed telemarketing calls with the TeleZapper TM. When you or your answering machine picks up a call, TeleZapper TM emits a special tone that tells the computer your number is disconnected. Within seconds, your phone number is deleted from the computer's list. As your number is eliminated from more and more lists, those annoying computer-dialed calls virtually stop telemarketers altogether.

Easy Installation:
The TeleZapper TM is simple to install. Just plug it into any phone jack to cover all extensions and answering machines connected to that line. The TeleZapper TM does not interfere with normal calls, answering machines, Caller ID, or Call Waiting. Put a stop to telemarketers and order your TeleZapper TM today!

The TeleZapper makes it easy to stop telemarketers and keep your private life...private:

  • Hooks up to your phone in less than a minute
  • Works great with answering machines, Call Waiting and Caller ID
  • Won't interfere with normal telephone calls
  • Just one TeleZapper covers every phone on one line
  • No monthly charges!

The Amazing Anti Gravity World Globe

The Amazing Anti Gravity World Globe.

The Amazing Anti-Gravity Levitating World Globe (AKA The Magnetically Levitating Sphere) is designed on principles of physics using the power of electromagnets and three powerful, permanent, neodymium magnets to achieve levitation and frictionless, smooth, rotation of the sphere.

The Magnetically Levitating World Globe floats & slowly rotates in mid-air not attached to anything!

This unique levitator is a great icebreaker & conversation piece to have on a desktop in your dorm, office or home. The Amazing Anti-Gravity Levitating World Globe can run all day, it will relax, calm, and put people in a positive mood. Available in two models so it makes the perfect gift for a child, colleague, a boss, a receptionist, or an accessory for your living room, office or den. The Amazing Anti-Gravity World Globe will impress everyone from 4 to 104.

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